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CPE Requirements and Reporting

If you attended last year’s White Collar Crime Conference, you racked up as many as 14 CPEs. But if you’re already into another reporting period, you may need some new ideas for earning CPE. We felt that it would be worthwhile to re-run our newsletter chapter message from November 2014, which summarizes different ways to earn CPEs:

  • Earn 10 CPE credits by taking Fraud Magazine quizzes. $69 for 10 CPEs is a fantastic deal, and Fraud Magazine is a great read to boot. You can find out more about how this works and access quiz archives and quiz answer forms here.
  • Earn up to 10 CPEs per certification year by writing articles for the chapter newsletter. If you are interested, contact the Newsletter Director for more information. 
  • ACFE members can earn free CPE credits using webinars found here.
  • Earn the required two credits of ethics CPE by attending chapter Ethics trainings or by taking ACFE self-study courses found here
  • If you have earned more than 20 credits of CPE in your previous reporting period, you can carry forward up to 10 of those extra credits to meet your current CPE requirements.