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Chapter Benefits

ACFE chapters are organized by members who share an interest in the detection and deterrence of fraud and reside in a particular geographic region. An added benefit of ACFE membership is the opportunity to become involved immediately with your local chapter. Chapters act as local representatives of the ACFE, providing continued support for members worldwide. Take advantage of this resource and enjoy benefits including:

Networking Opportunities

Chapter participation gives you the opportunity to meet other anti-fraud professionals in your area who are facing the same challenges you are. Members attending chapter meetings will have the chance to network with other fraud fighters, in addition to participating in local programs and events that promote awareness in the profession. Sharing insights, techniques, and experience, and promoting fraud awareness in your community, is invaluable to the global fight against fraud.

Quality, Affordable Local CPE Training

All chapter meetings are planned by ACFE members and reflect what is relevant to your development as a member of the ACFE. The Utah Area Chapter holds monthly luncheon meetings that generally last one and one-half hours (A one-half hour lunch plus approximately one hour of training). Our monthly meetings feature a speaker from the local community who provides members with valuable information they can apply to their job. The Chapter also periodically hosts conferences offering a range of speakers and topics. 


The Utah Area Chapter maintains a library of books and manuals, CDs, and DVDs that cover a broad range of fraud topics. Library resources are accessible to all Chapter members.

Monthly Articles

Each month The Utah Area Chapter summarizes the monthly training event for members to review and comment.

Mentoring Opportunities

Chapter membership is made up of fraud fighters who can offer a wealth of anti-fraud knowledge. If you are new to the profession, chapter involvement is a great way to learn from the best. If you are an experienced professional, membership in a chapter gives you the chance to mentor the next generation of anti-fraud professionals.

Positive Impact on Your Community

Chapters enable members to be part of an organization that provides training to anti-fraud professionals, increasing their knowledge and awareness of different types of fraud. CFEs can use this knowledge and awareness to prevent and detect fraud, which in turn has a positive impact on the local community.

Leadership Roles Available

If you are interested in becoming a leader in the anti-fraud community, chapter participation is a great place to start. Serving on the Chapter Board of Directors provides the opportunity to develop your leadership skills while serving your community in a rewarding capacity.

Upcoming Training Events

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See all upcoming events or browse through a list of our past events in the event archive.