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Affiliated Event

Professional Skepticism

Dr. Martha M. Eining

April 2, 2019

Martha McDonald Eining is the Kenneth A. Sorenson KPMG Professor and Assistant Dean of Academic Partnerships at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.  She previously served as Director of the School of Accounting and Associate Dean.  Dr. Eining teaches in the areas of fraud and auditing.  She received her Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University in accounting and information systems and her undergraduate and MBA from Fort Hays State University. Dr. Eining has published in various journals, including Contemporary Accounting Research, Auditing:  A Journal of Practice and Theory, and Journal of Information Systems.  Her research interests include professional skepticism, management fraud, ethical issues, and non-profit governance. Dr. Eining was inducted into the Wilton T. Anderson Hall of Fame at Oklahoma State University in 2015 and received the Pathfinder Award from the Salt Lake Chamber in 2015.   She received the American Accounting (AAA) Outstanding Service Award in 2014 for her work as chair of the Intellectual Properties Task Force. Dr. Eining was named Accounting Educator of the year by the Women’s Society of CPAs in 2012 and Utah Accounting Educator of the Year in 2009.  She has also received research, teaching and service awards from the University of Utah and service and research awards from the AAA.  Dr. Eining’s professional experience includes small business consulting, auditing, and serving as a systems administrator.  She served as Grant Thornton’s first National Professor in Residence.  She has also served as a consultant to the KPMG Audit Research Group developing tools for the determination of management fraud.  Dr. Eining is a past chair of the Information Systems Section of the AAA and currently Chairs the IP Task Force. She served a term on the Accounting Accreditation Board for the AACSB.  Dr. Eining was a member of the board and chair of the audit committee for First Electronic Bank and has been active in community service.

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Lion House Pantry
63 East South Temple, Salt Lake City Utah 84150


Spinach Salad, Pork Enchilada, Carrot Cake

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