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Affiliated Event

The Seduction of Fraud

Steve C. Morang, MBA, CIA, CFE, CRMA

March 5, 2019

Corporate scandals, identity theft, data breaches, cheating in professional sports! What's going on?  Why is this happening?  Why are people behaving like this? It makes me feel like the world is falling apart! How do people get seduced into fraud?  How do fraudsters use seduction to deceive people? Who is your "internal" auditor? Read more about the presentation at seductionoffraud.com.

Steve is a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner who specializes on internal control systems, internal audit, risk management and compliance projects, helping clients to obtain the right solutions to fit their industry and to their organization. Steve has 20 years of auditing, consulting and management experience working with companies in the United States and Europe. He has led multiple internal audit, internal control, Sarbanes-Oxley and fraud investigation projects. In addition, Steve brings a broad experience to the table with extensive knowledge of the healthcare, retail, real estate and industrial product sectors.

Presenter to be confirmed

The Utah ACFE Chapter is made up of fraud fighters who can offer a wealth of anti-fraud knowledge. If you would like to share some of the knowledge you have acquired with the chapter please schedule a presentation.

We are always on the lookout for outstanding chapter members and other individuals in the community to present at monthly chapter meetings. If you have suggestions for future presenters we would love to know.

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Lion House Pantry
63 East South Temple, Salt Lake City Utah 84150


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This event is presented by an affiliate to the Utah Chapter ACFE. Please direct all questions concerning this event to the event coordinator.