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Affiliated Event

Blind Spots of Unethical Behavior

Aaren Humpherys

May 1, 2018

Why do good people do bad things? Come and learn from Aaren Humpherys, the audit magician, how to avoid the blind spots that lead to unethical behavior, and don’t forget your smartphone so you can engage with the presentation.

Aaren is the Operations & Finance Audit Manager at Deseret Management Corporation (DMC), but his boss refers to him as his, “Special Agent.” He consults with management on internal controls, strategic risks, fraud detection and prevention, process improvement and governance and strives to protect the organization and be a catalyst for improvement. He also provides corporate trainings, using fun and engaging ways (including magic) to train employees on topics such as professional ethics, fraud prevention, and proper social media use in the workplace.

After graduating from Brigham Young University (BYU) in 2001 with a Master of Accountancy, he moved to Washington D.C where he survived a few busy seasons at the Big 4 Accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers and three years as a financial analyst at the mortgage giant Freddie Mac. He left Freddie Mac in 2006 just before the financial meltdown, and has spent the last 12 years as DMC’s “special agent.”

He has survived several tornados, a few small earthquakes and a category 5 hurricane. He sang in a barbershop quartet in high school and his wife dated the three other members of the quartet at BYU before meeting and marrying Aaren, the baritone. In Washington DC he and his wife had three kids within 15 months and got desperate for grandma help, so they moved to Utah 12 years ago to be close to family. As a family they enjoy camping in the mountains, hiking, playing board games, watching documentaries, baking, and roasting marshmallows.

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Lion House Pantry
63 East South Temple, Salt Lake City Utah 84150

Sweet and Nutty Broccoli Salad, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Apple Pie.

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