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Telemarketing Fraud and the Importance of SARS

Daniel Logan

September 5, 2017

Daniel Logan has a Masters’ Degree in Accounting and is a CPA and a CFE.  Daniel worked at a local public accounting firm for 5 years and specialized in performing PCAOB audits for public companies.  Daniel became specialized in federal securities laws under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including filing requirements for S-1’s, IPO’s, 10K’s & Q’s and other merger and acquisition accounting.  Daniel focused his interested in complex financial analysis, including comprehensive debt and equity accounting. 

In 2014, Daniel shifted his career and started working for the FBI, investigating complex national financial crimes. Daniel has conducted multiple quantitative and qualitative financial analyses, including multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes, factoring and fictitious investment schemes, fraudulent telemarketing operations, public corruption cases and national security cases. Daniel has experience in testifying in court as an expert witness and developing restitution solutions in complex financial crimes.

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